Saunio Cardigan


This month’s Sew My Style project was the Saunio Cardigan from Named Clothing. The over-sized cardi is a quick sew and took only an hour to put together and finish after cutting my fabric.


The best part of this project for me was that it was a stash sew (woo!). You may recognize the wool I used for the front panels from my Osaka Skirt. The pattern calls for a thick knit with 30 – 60 percent stretch. I opted for a black ponte knit for the sleeves and back and used the wool for the front panels to create a sturdier jacket rather than a cardigan.


I’ve seen a couple variations where people have added significant length to the pattern to make a longer wrap cardigan, which I plan to give a whirl. I can’t wait to see what other #sewmystyle participants made for their Saunio Cardigans!


Brooks Bell Bernie Sanders mural outside Sweettooth at 4th and Bainbridge Street.


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